Improve Your Landscape Exterior To Differentiate Home From Neighbor

There are many great exterior home improvement projects that local Anchorage homeowners can start this summer in order to liven up their yards.

If you are like me then you live in a sub-division where almost every home was built the same way.  Love the neighborhood, love the schools, like my neighbors but I cannot stand how every home seems to be the exact same.  I think the wording is “cookie-cutter” if I am not mistaken.

While you cannot build yourself a new home there are some things you can do to make your home stand out and look more unique.

Adding Landscape Boulders

Adding some huge boulders to your yard creates depth and adds layers to your lawn like no other items can.  They can turn the most boring flat lawn into one that stands out and is eye-catching.

Tiki Torches

Adding some Polynesian torches to your front yard makes the whole area more tropical and serene.  Tiki torches have really become the rage over the last five years and it’s not mystery why.  In Alaska we need all the tropical feeling we can get and there is nothing more relaxing than filling your tiki(s) up with some citronella oil in the summer, or winter, and letting them burn for hours.  They also keep the mosquitoes away.

Planting a Couple Trees

Why not add one or two small trees to your yard.  Put them in the middle so they can be the focal point of your lawn.

Plant Some Strawberries or Raspberries

Plant some berry bushes at the edge of your yard.  It might take them a couple seasons to bear fruit but there is nothing like getting fresh berries from your own yard and having a mid-day snack.

There are many things the Anchorage homeowner can do to improve his or her yard.  It is all a matter of making a plan and following through with it.  You can also hire a landscaping company in Anchorage to give you some ideas and implement them for you.  Give us a call if you have any questions.

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